Lecture Series :: 2014

2014 winter Lectures

Note: Lectures start at 7:00 PM.

Thurs, 24 Apr 2014: Perseverance: the Canadian Sea King Helicopter - John Orr

Lecture: Perseverance: Some Reflections on Fifty Years of the Canadian Sea King Helicopter by John Orr

Thurs, 8 May 2014: The Silk Road to Peace - Jorg Ostrowski, Negar Badri, Menijeh Rabiei, Helen Ostrowski

Lecture: The Silk Road to Peace: The Persian Gardens, Past, Present, and Future:

Ancient history and current events intersect in this panel presentation about the silk road, and the garden oases that can be found along its path.

University of Calgary researchers explore the history and architecture of the Persian Gardens and the international redevelopment project that aims to restore these sites and turn them into sustainable centres for peace and cultural exchange.

Thurs, 22 May 2014: Bonfire: The Life and Times of John McCrae - Susan Raby-Dunne

Lecture: Bonfire: The Life and Times of John McCrae:

Historian and author Susan Raby-Dunne provides a unique perspective on the life and career of famous First World War soldier John McCrae, author of "In Flanders Fields".

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