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Lecture Series :: 2015 - 2016

The 2016 Fall Lecture Series 

Thurs, 27 Oct, 2016: En Victoire: France on the Western Front, 1914-1918

Lecturer: Pat Brennan, Associate Professor Emeritus of History, University of Calgary

France’s sacrifice in World War I – almost entirely incurred on French soil – was heart-breaking, with almost double the war dead suffered by her British Empire allies.  For the first two years of the conflict, the French Army bore by far the greatest burden of fighting.  

Even in November 1918, France fielded the Allies’ largest force.  Ironically, this magnificent effort is only vaguely known to English speakers.  In 1914, the disastrous Battle of the Frontiers was quickly followed by a dramatic stand at the very gates of Paris.  Stalemate ensued in 1915, followed by the grim blood-letting at Verdun in 1916.  

France’s war effort reached its nadir in 1917 when a crushing defeat at the Chemin des Dames sparked widespread mutiny among the war-weary poilus.  Yet by the summer of 1918 the French Army had stopped the final German offensive, then at Soissons launched the first of the great Allied counter-attacks that would bring total victory only four months later.  This is France’s story of duty, sacrifice and ultimately victory.

Thurs, 3 Nov, 2016: The Frontier of Patriotism: Alberta and the First World War

Lecturers: Adriana A. Davies and Jeff Keshen

With the centenary of the First World War, communities across Canada arranged commemorations of the war experience to honour local servicemen who, through their triumphs and sacrifices, were presented as laying the foundation for a free and independent country.

Often overlooked are the triumphs and sacrifices of those who supported those soldiers, and the war effort in general, back at home.
This presentation provides a detailed look at the Alberta homefront, and how the war affected the lives of people in the province.

Canadian Legacy Project

All lectures are held in the Canadian Legacy Project Theatre. The Canadian Legacy Project is a proud sponsor of education programs provided by The Military Museums Foundation. Its mission is to support and recognize our Canadian Veterans and mobilize collective action in celebrating those who have fought for the freedoms we as Canadians enjoy today.

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