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Exploring Canada’s Great War: An Interactive Family Day Event at The Military Museums

This Family Day, Monday February 15, 2016, The Military Museums (TMM) offers a day of family friendly interactive presentations, gallery tours, and activities related to Canada’s defining moments in the First World War. Be sure to take advantage of 2 for 1 Admission all day.

A Walk through First World War History

TMM presents guided tours through three distinct museums and exhibits. Our First World War experts take you through Canada’s experience across the Great War. 

Restoring the Past 

A rare opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes at The Military Museums. Visitors can see the ongoing restoration of a special artifact: a German field artillery gun from 1915, captured by the Canadian Expeditionary Force. 

Researcher’s at TMM have recently uncovered the history of this particular gun, and are working to restore it to its original condition.

Artifacts of the Great War 

Get an exclusive look at the hardware used by the Canadian Expeditionary Force in the trenches. Presented by the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Museum and Archives, visitors will have the opportunity to handle several Great War artifacts.

Explore your Family History

Did you Great Grandfather serve in the First World War? University of Calgary Library and Archives staff will show you the tools and resources that will help you learn more about your ancestor’s role in Canadian history.

“The Front Lines” Documentary Film Screening

Scheduled screenings of the 30 minute documentary film The Front Lines will take place in the Canadian Legacy Project Theatre throughout the day. The Great War’s story is told through the recovered letters and war diaries of five individuals who experienced it. These entries are narrated over photographs and historical footage to create a personal and human account of the war.